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Not to hijack an old thread, but once a program is released under GPL2, the licences of all derivatives cannot be any less open for lack of a better word than the original. James, you might want to look into this.

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Is this going to be a worthwhile Chessbase alternative for Mac users? What do people think? Aug 26, 2. Aug 27, 3. Aug 27, 4.

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Hot Topics. It can be reduced by features on the app to reduce power used, or by setting the phone to low power mode, or both. Very much worth the low price! For those that are familiar with chess programs, Hiarcs needs no introduction.

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It comes with a strong pedigree and many championship awards. Needless to say, I was anxious to see that program in the app store. There are many very good chess programs for the iphone now, but Hiarcs is just a cut above. It shares all of the features, except one, of the top programs.

The one shortcoming is that you cannot download pgn games, and I hope that it is resolved in an upcoming update since that would make an already great game even better. For me, it came down to Fritz and Hiarcs. Hiarcs wins from an engine strength standpoint, but how badly do I need to get smashed when I'm an average player but even GM's will find it challenging!

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The difference is in the extra features that make playing a game more enjoyable. Things like engine playing style, book styles, and adapting its strength to me.

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All of these features also aid my development for my improving game. So, if you are looking for a strong program, features to make the game enjoyable to play and learn, and pleasing graphics and intuitive play, then look no further than Hiarcs Chess. I agree with one of the other reviewers that the strength might be overstated including for humans; I won't tell you what Hiarcs rates me but there's no way I'm that good.

However it's a fantastic training program and a handy opponent. I like it a lot and I've already recommended its training features to several people. Requires iOS 8. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. App Store Preview. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Description HIARCS is a multiple World Championship winning chess program and the only handheld chess program in the world which has won matches and tournaments with Grandmasters.

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