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To upload and download files, simply drag and drop them between your Web server and computer.

FileZilla old versions - Mac

You monitor your actions in the site manager pane, which highlights the status of file uploads and downloads, or bypass the queue with manual transfer. You can also pause or cancel file transfers and even configure transfer speed limits to reduce file transfer errors, making the process of managing your Web site a breeze! Vital Info at a Glance —Filezilla lets you compare your files with server files in the same directory to see if their file name or size is out of sync via highlighted colors..

Built-in file management —A site manager lets you order transfer tasks via a server list and a transfer queue. It also supports resume, which means you can pause and continue transfers. Filename filters help locate specific files with the conditions you want. And you can edit server files on-the-fly, without downloading and re-uploading them back to the server.

Other editions:

Easy to navigate —A tabbed user interface allows you to multitask browse servers to transfer files between them simultaneously. Bookmarks provide easy access to frequently used files. You can also drag and drop files between your computer and Web server. Advanced file settings —You can configure transfer speed limits to reduce file transfer errors and a network configuration wizard can assist you to configure any confusing network settings.

Reduces timeout errors —Filezilla checks your network connection and notifies you if it has been idle for too long by sending a keep-alive command.

Multi-language support —Filezilla is currently available in 47 languages worldwide. Pros Cons FileZilla is a reliable, accessible program with many basic functions and advanced tools for expert users.

One of the most popular free FTP client on the Internet for Mac

FileZilla stores your FTP credential in plain text instead of encrypting it. Therefore the onus is on you and your operating system to protect private data. Quick Specs Version: 3. Project Activity. If you need an easy and affordable help desk solution, look no further than Cayzu. The platform offers a wealth of features that include integrated communications email, social, voice, and chat , automated rules and workflows, mobile apps, branded self-service and knowledge base portal, app integrations, reporting and analytics, and more.

Learn More. User Ratings 4. Cyberduck Elegant and efficient free FTP client. Download Yummy FTP 1. Download for Mac. Shining Mac Camera Photo Recovery.

Downloading Files With FileZilla

Shining Mac Card Data Recovery. MEGA Sync. Nokia Multimedia Transfer. No extra junk was installed - I just got the app. Thanks a lot for this info! Comes with an installer, which also wants to install some crapware. Just avoid to install it. User-friendly utility. Updates regularly and works good. Never had a problem with it using it for more than 5 years already since PC. I'm so sick of this constantly happening that I am removing this junk forever!!! This is the exact reason MS software are beginning to infiltrate this site - to spread malware among Mac users.

I hate that this app is distributed with a side-loader installer. I just want the app and nothing else. I had to dig in their Sourceforge repository to find the bz2 file rather than the zip setup file linked here. Don't bother with it.

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Nice to be here, this community is great place to learn! I saw the same alert the first attempt to install from AVG Antivirus. I think it's the SourceForge version. But every version I've tried of this update refuses to load on the latest El Capitan production build. The error is "unsupported PowerPC application.

Is anyone else encountering this? You can download FileZilla without the installer if you use a direct link can be found on the sourceforge site. FileZilla 3.

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The installer will not run on Yosemite - got the big "NO! This should be fixed to reflect that on MacUpdate! Would much rather install femaleware. From Macupdate: installed - no app to see From filezilla-project. What a disappointment. Somewhat begrudgingly I have to give a bad review. I have used this software in the past and found it solid. But since it is hosted on SourceForge. What a shame. Goodbye FileZilla, goodbye SourceForge. Someone failed to fight "the good fight", or lost it. The developer sold out to the new corrupt, malware-peddling owners of SourceForge, and as a result now pile tons of adware and malware into the installer, and Mac users are not exempt.

Some of it you can turn off, some of it you can't. Despite the FileZilla shills and astroturfers blaming the user, this is all extremely well documented, so you don't have to and shouldn't take my word alone - just Google "FileZilla", "malware" and "adware" and see for yourself. This reprehensible behavior is an absolute abuse of trust. Like 4. Sadly, money talks and nobody fact checks so MacKeeper has permeated the adware channels. I really think MU should not be listing this at all.

People trust MacUpdate as a brand and them mentioning this crapware can be seen as endorsement and will only damage the long-standing reputation MU has. This was a great piece of software. I just installed this version and without any heads up to or request of me, it installed MacKeeper on my MacBook Pro. I am beyond annoyed and will need to relegate this to software that is no longer fit for use and has lost its way. So sad. There was an option to Skip the installation of MacKeeper. You apparently ignored that button and just went ahead to install the application.

Whose fault is that? Why SourceForge is apparently using an installer now -- probably in an attempt to generate some revenue, since one must now wade through a couple of screens which will download and install unworthy apps like MacKeeper--is not cool.

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