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Open angry ip scanner and input your Wan Ip. Example: Your Wan IP is Once you open some of it. Look for the Mac address and right it down.

You have a trillion packets.

Note: If the Mac Address of your modem is the old mac address restore factory default your modem and perform the step no. If you successfully changed the mac address of your modem, meaning you already configured it right and congrats.! Note: all of this are possibly working to other green-packet modems Pwede kaya sa globe ko to na green packet? Re: How to Reactivate Optimized Smartbro Green Packet Modem sir meron ako wi tribe wimax indoor cpe model ex greenpacket pwd kaya to sir?

I have a question though, what if I'm using a router? Same procedure? Or may need pa ichange sa config ng router? Originally Posted by gothicmind. Last Jump to page:. Replies: Last Post: 5th Mar , Replies: 15 Last Post: 13th Dec , Replies: 15 Last Post: 31st Dec , A common denominator to benchmark the user experience isattributed to the performance of the network and the promise of service levels, rather than strictemphasis on the technology that is delivering the experience.

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Likewise, common to operators arethe operation indices that govern the effectiveness of strategic go to market and network planningwhich contribute to the formulation of business models. Hence, marrying Wi-Fi technology together with 3G can bring new growth in injectingvalue to their business. Authentication 2. Security 3.

How to Reactivate (Optimized) Smartbro Green Packet Modem

Interworking 4. OverviewThe mobile Internet revolution has resulted in a dramatic disruption to the encumbered wireless industry in decades. Operators and service provider is experiencing a decoupling of revenue per user ARPU by the measure of exponentialdata growth. By cellular standards Wi-Fi is a simple technology that lacks in many aspects without power control, access networkawareness, limited mobility, unmanaged handover capability and minimal quality of experience QoE.

Additionally,Wi-Fi is widely available in most devices today and leverages on unlicensed spectrum. Another compelling reason Wi-Fi willremain important is attributed to its unique ability to provide consistent wireless indoor coverage. The shift from injecting value in the network to extracting additional valuefrom the network allows operators to grow new revenue streams.

End users should not need to manually authenticate their handsets or be asked to log on to a Wi-Fi network. Instead,user data should be transparently pushed from the carrier to the device, with the carrier integrating and interacting withback-end network without triggering activity by the end user. Wi-Fi has matured over the years and demonstrated it is asecure technology that even supports Quality of Service QoS. Wi-Fi is now capable of carrying up to Mbps3 the older version of Wi-Fi started at 11Mbps, which is similar to whatan LTE performance4 is capable today.

Initially, Wi-Fi was regarded as a poor cousin to the cellular network in terms ofperformance. By comparison, 3GPP networks at that time could support operator services such as MMS, video calls and internetaccess restricted to operator services. The advancement of Wi-Fi now allows a multitude of concurrent applications video streaming, voice, FTP, internet access to be supported with improved performance similar or better than 3GPPat times at a lower cost per bit. Operators are beginning to acknowledge the powerful performance of these extremely fast, inexpensive Wi-Fi networksand widely available chip sets.

With the appropriate suite of wireless network protocols and realistic view of Wi-Fiexpectations, consumers can continue to use their smartphones or feature phones as conventional phones such asSMS, calls and not just to access data. Wireless N routers and network adapters must run in a channel bonding mode.

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Challenge of Deploying Wi-FiAs end users become further immersed in the Web, demand for bandwidth is soaring as users want to take the Internetexperience with them, on the move. Expectations of quality of experience QoE are demanded for seamless andalways-on access to services. For operators, this equates to continuously scale network bandwidth across multipledimensions while supporting the lowest total cost of ownership to meet the challenge.

The Wi-Fi solution lies not in voice-centric mobile devices but challenged by the new wave of data-consuming deviceslike tablets, e-readers, personal navigation devices which lack control over distribution and contributes to the disruptionsto traditional pricing models. Such measures involve several areas that require assessment in:Wi -Fi User Authentication and AccountingRoaming between networks is complicated such that the roamed network has no access to the encryption keys used toauthenticate the user.

Other issues pertaining to accounting and is unclear and how much operators should charge eachother for access. Wi-Fi networks are designed as such that, it follows a randomaccess mechanism.

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As a consequence, if the number of users connecting to the same access point increases, the QoSexperience degrades. Therein, lies the issue of usersexperiencing full Wi-Fi coverage, but unable to connect to Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi enabled device managementMany web applications and content, such as Youtube videos, are sponsored by third parties such as advertisers, andare thus free to end users. Furthermore, application and content providers have restricted access to networkcapabilities that can improve QoE and strengthen relationships with end users. Some of the Wi-Fi practices that operators can emulate include AuthenticationWi-Fi networks are supported by a multitude of authentication methods.

For Wi-Fi network to be mobile and facilitateseamless coverage, the user device UE must seamlessly move from network to network and authenticate without theuser being aware. Which EAP authentication is used for what networks? The choice of EAPimplementation is dependent on the operators. Operators place strict requirements on making both device and user authentication to ensure integrity and security of thenetwork is not compromised, when incorporating Wi-Fi as part of the mobile services strategy.

The security of the Transport Layer Protocol TLS is strong, with the use PKI public keyinfrastructure to secure mutual authentication between the client to server and vice-versa. Systems lacking strong password policies can easily be compromised with dictionary attacks technique. It recovers thepassword key by iteration mechanism with a list of common words by trying each word from a dictionary and encodingit the same way the original plaintext was encoded.

The passwords are transmitted unencrypted, thus theattacker uses the plaintext and EAP encrypted version in the authenticated tunnel to further derive password key.

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Theoretically, a cipher stream with longer key length can bemanipulated to lower the probability of successfully decrypting the cipher stream. Consequently, it makes the processof disclosing information harder to achieve. Both trusted and un-trusted non-3GPP networks can be securelyauthenticated to the WLAN networks by inheriting the same subscriber provisioning, authentication and serviceauthorization.

The primary issue of preventing unauthorized users from using the network is important. Thesemeasures reduced accidental connections and discouraged but did not reliably prevent unauthorized use of Wi-Fiembedded device in wireless LANs. Adding to that, data packet that is broadcast over the network is available to everynode in the network. Secure IP communication can be achieved with Internet Protocol Security IPsec , a protocol suite which providesauthenticating and encrypting each IP packet of a communication session.

IPsec also includes protocols for establishingmutual authentication between agents either a host to host, network to host or network to network and negotiation ofcryptographic keys to be used during the session. IPsec provides data security at the IP packet level, which is one ofthe most complete, secure, and commercially available, standards-based protocols developed for transporting data.

IKE is used to establish a shared security policy andauthenticated keys for services.

Wake-on-LAN (tutorial)

InterworkingWhat mix of Wi-Fi network that allows a user to remain on the Wi-Fi network, even when moving? Deploying Wi-Finetworks include considerations on how well the networks interwork. Operators are striving to achieve a balancebetween coverage, capacity, QoS and QoE. Which standards enable seamless switching from hotspot tohotspot or perhaps even a handoff between a cellular and Wi-Fi network?

Why is that so? To add to the confusion, users fumble with connectivity without awareness and control over thephysical connectivity.

GreenPacket Mediatek Ox230/Dv235t No Https Solution

Until a time when operators formally adopt the approach, consumers should be guided to see a change in the way theirhandsets navigate around networks, by directing the smartphones to Wi-Fi wherever practical. As such, intelligentconnection client that interworks with multiple access technologies play a role in managing device UE connectivity. Consequently, that should bring savings in the volume of data bytes consumed and, thus the amount they pay theiroperators each month users are now careful to monitor the tiered data plans rather than unlimited data plans.

Less congested6 networksshould help operators reduce churn and optimize operating costs while consumers at the same time could experiencefaster connections and lower service fees.